When planning our trip to Japan, we knew there were a couple of different places that we wanted to visit. Kyoto was definitely at the top of the list. Everything that we found during our research kept saying that if we wanted to experience “Traditional Japan”, we had to visit KYOTO!

Once we knew we wanted to not only visit but stay in Kyoto, it was time to figure out where we were going to stay. That is when we came across RESI STAY. RESI STAY operates over 20 apartment hotels around the city of Kyoto so no matter which apartment you stay at, you can be sure that you will be located near many places to visit and explore.

The name of the apartment that we stayed at was the RESI STAY BRiX. It was perfect and it covered all of our family needs. To start off, the RESI STAY reception counter is located just a 5 minute walk from the Kyoto train station, it was very convenient since you can go to their office and complete the check in process and they can help you with getting to your apartment.

Once it is time to arrive at your apartment, all the information is provided to you in order to get in and get your set of keys. for our stay at the RESI STAY BRiX, it was about a quick 10 minute walk from the reception office. Once we arrived, we had our code to open the sliding glass door that leads into the building and also had the pin code to open the small locker that had the keys to our room. I can’t tell you enough how easy this process was and how convenient it was to be able to let ourselves in and navigate to our apartment.

The RESI STAY BRiX had everything that we could have wanted for our Kyoto stay. We had a small fridge, microwave and a stove in the kitchen for any food that we decided to bring back. They layout was perfect, we had a bed for ourselves and bunk beds for Twinkies to sleep in. They loved their bunk beds and took turns sleeping on the top bunk, which they both wanted to do. RESI STAY also provided us with all toiletries that we would need, we had toothbrushes, toothpaste, face wash and shampoo/conditioner. There was no need for us to bring our own items since it was all provided for us. How awesome is that!?

There were many places that we wanted to visit while in Kyoto so as they say “Location, Location, Location”. The RESI STAY BRiX was located just 5 minutes from the bus stop and 10 minutes from the Kyoto train station which made it so easy for us to get to all of the places that we wanted to visit. There was no walking around trying to figure out where we needed to catch our next bus, we were able to travel to all of our destinations either from the closest bus stop or the Kyoto train station.

The first place that we visited was the Yasaka Shrine, it was only about a 10 minute bus ride from our apartment. We arrived at the perfect time just as the sun was going down overlooking the shrine. The view was amazing as the sun was slowly going down. Once we stepped inside, there were so many food vendors that we were able to try plenty of local eats all in one place. There was so much food to choose from which made it hard to pick. There were also plenty of Cherry Blossom trees all around.

The second day, there were three places that we wanted to see. These places were Fushimi Inari Shrine, Arashiyama Monkey Park and the Arashiyama Bamboo forest. from our apartment, The shrine was a short 15 minute bus ride and from there it was about a 20 minute bus ride to the other 2 locations. The shrine was beautiful and we were able to finally see the famous Torii arches. After our bus arrived to Arashiyama, we went straight to the monkey park. it was a steep 20 minute walk up the mountain to reach the top but it was worth it to be able to walk among the monkeys and also be able to feed them! Now that was an experience we wont soon forget. From there we had a quick 15 minute walk to the famous bamboo forest, it was astonishing walking among the tall bamboo that surrounded the area.

On our last day, we took a morning bus ride to visit the first Tatami seating Starbucks which is located in Kyoto! It was definitely different and cool to experience a traditional setting. After that, we took the bullet train from Kyoto to Osaka which took about 30 minutes! Again, this station was only 10 minutes from our apartment. In Osaka we visited the Namba Yasaka Shrine which had a beautiful big green mask and we also visited the world famous Dotonbori Street. Osaka is another place we would definitely visit again.

We had so much fun staying at RESI STAY BRiX, the staff was amazing and responded to any of our questions quickly. They were always extremely helpful and they can also help you with planning your trip. They are able to help make reservations at restaurants near your area which is very helpful when trying to plan a trip ahead of time. Our apartment was perfect for all of our needs, not only was the apartment comfortable for the whole family, it also had a laundry room in the first floor that we could use which came in handy and there is also a storage closet where you can leave your luggage after you check out if you still want to explore the city and need somewhere to leave your luggage before heading out to your next destination.

We can’t wait to visit Kyoto again and we will definitely be staying with RESI STAY again when we do. You can visit them at https://resistay.jp/en/ to view all of their over 20 locations and to book your next stay. Thank you RESI STAY for hosting us and for making our visit to Kyoto one we won’t soon forget.

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