You already know how much we love to explore and find new adventures as a family. One of the biggest issues that we have ran into lately is not having enough space to bring along the rest of the family. That all changed when we got the chance to drive around in the all new 2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate.

There are so man amazing features on this all new Denali! It is hard to pick which one is our favorite so we will give you a run down of some of the ones that we experienced. Lets go ahead and start with hubby’s favorite which is the technology. The Infotainment system that is included on the 2023 Denali has everything covered. it has a large 10.2 inch screen with google built-in. it also comes with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which is a big plus since other systems require you to have a usb cable connected. Can’t forget about the Wi-Fi hotspot to connect your devices while on the road. Sound you might ask? Well how about an 18 speaker Bose Performance Series audio system which includes headrest speakers! One item that I loved was the head-up display that showed me my speed and other important items right on the front windshield, no need to look down at all. In the second row you will find Twinkies favorite item by far which was the 2 screens on the back of the front row seats with HDMI connectivity but it also comes with Hulu and Youtube preloaded! Girls had such a fun ride while they enjoyed the included GMC Bluetooth headsets, they could be watching some of their favorite shows while mommy and daddy could be listening to some music.

When we go on long trips, I love to relax and feel comfortable on our drive. GMC did not disappoint with the full-grain leather seats all around, 16-way power seats with included massaging chairs! Let me tell you, after a long day of adventures, it is great to relax in the large comfy seats and enjoy an amazing massage to release some stress. The drive is so comfortable that you don’t feel the road. The interior has so much room, you don’t feel crampet in any of the 3 rows with plenty of room. There are also chargers throughout the vehicle to charge all of your devices and plenty of storage throughout.

How about the exterior you might ask? GMC did not cut any corners with the style of the Denali Ultimate package. Believe me, you will be noticed in the Yukon and heads will turn as you drive down the road. The exclusive Vader Chrome finish accents along with the polished bright chrome along the windows and door panels and the 22-inch seven-spoke wheels will make sure that everyone knows you are in a Yukon Denali. The car is beautiful inside and out, it is definitely a show stopper.

I have shared with you some of the best features of the all new 2023 Yukon Denali but the most impressive one of all has got to be the Super Cruise driver assistance. Not only does the Yukon allow you to drive hands free on more than 400,000 miles of compatible roads, it is cable of changing lanes and pull a trailer hands-free! You heard that right, the Denali is able to switch lanes without you having to hold the wheel. It is definitely something you have to experience to believe, I couldn’t believe I was “driving” down the road while my hands were off the wheel and also seeing the Yukon switch lanes on it’s own.

Thank you GMC for giving us the opportunity to explore and make new family memories with the all new 2023 GMC Yukon Denali. Make sure to visit your local GMC dealer and experience this amazing vehicle yourself.

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Toodles for now. Stay tuned for our upcoming adventures.

5 thoughts on “Is this the best family car on the road? 2023 GMC Yukon!”

  1. I have the 22 model as my work vehicle and love it. The new options as well as that beautiful leather interior are the type of items that draw me in. I might have to upgrade to the 23 Denali option and my wife can use my current model as the family vehicle.

  2. My husband test drove this car and he couldn’t stop talking about how awesome it was! We loved how smooth the ride was and the sound system was perfect for my Taylor Swift playlist lol. We are hoping to go back next month and picking it up.

  3. Now this is a car I can see myself driving! The color and interior design are just what I look for when purchasing a car. This 23 Denali has all the bells and whistles that I want in a new car. I will have to test drive that super cruise option, it sounds crazy!!!!

  4. We have been looking into purchasing a new family vehicle and this might be a great option for us. We have 3 little ones and the screens in the 2nd row would help us so much! Thank you for reviewing this Yukon.

  5. This is a beautiful car, my family has always purchased GMC vehicles and they have never let us down. Will have to look into this 23 model.

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