Lizzy Flores is the powerhouse writer, blogger and content creator behind Flores Twins and Fam, a personal blog focused on family life, SoCal adventures, travel and theme park fun. Flores Twins and Fam has a large, active and very engaged Instagram following, making it a highly sought out marketing source for many brands.

The Flores Twins and Fam, are well versed in television and radio advertising, with radio and television ads in their repertoire.

As the SoCal Regional Manager for The Mommy Blogger Tribe, Lizzy oversees all Southern California Mommy Blogger Tribes, in addition to running the Inland Empire and San Diego Mommy Blogger Tribes. These Tribes are composed of like-minded Mom Bloggers who help uplift each other, share knowledge and have monthly gatherings at some of the best events in their regions.

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Elizabeth Flores