One of the things that I enjoyed growing up was camping with my family, I can remember so many memories that we made. When we were presented the opportunity to visit Campland on the Bay in San Diego, I knew right away that this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I have always wanted to take my little family camping so we can create our own memories. Abigail and Aubrey were excited when I told them that we were going camping and we were going to be sleeping in a tent, their eyes lit up as they would be experiencing camping for the first time and that brought a smile to my face.

Campland is located in beautiful San Diego, the campground is literally by the ocean!! There is so much to do at Campland, there is something for everyone to enjoy, They have everything from watercraft rentals, pools, bicycle rentals, basketball courts and of course the beach!!

Water Sports

One of the first things that we did when we arrived, was of course check out the beach, how can you not when you are in beautiful San Diego! Campland has many ways for you to enjoy the water, from Pedal boats, Kayaks, pontoon boats, waverunners and stand-up paddle boards. We decided to enjoy the water as a family and rented a pedal boat. Hubby and I sat in the front while the girls enjoyed the view from the back. We peddled around the bay for a bit and enjoyed the beautiful views as ducks swam around us and in the distance we could see SeaWorld. We definitely got a good leg workout that day.

Bike Rentals

We wanted to explore all areas of Campland, so what better way to do it than on a bike. We rented a Surrey cart to drive around the facility. I will tell you, it is a good workout but one that we enjoyed as we explored all of Campland. We found the skate park, basketball courts as well as the pool and jacuzzi during our ride. I would highly recommend renting one as a family.


If you get hungry, which you will, Campland has a great restaurant on site. For lunch we visited the Cantina for some delish food. We couldn’t pick just one item so we decided to share a couple of them. For Appetizers we started with Jalapeno Poppers and some carne asada fries. If you know me, you know those two are some of my favorites. The Jalapeno Poppers were huge! They were crunchy and delicious. The carne asada fries, which were my favorite, were covered in shredded cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream. The girls enjoyed some crispy and crunchy chicken strips and fries while hubby and I shared a delicious meat lovers pizza and we were recommended the bbq pulled pork sandwich which did not disappoint.

Market and Coffee

We tried to bring all the essentials, but you can’t always remember everything. Luckily the onsite market has everything you might need, from groceries, clothing and campfire essentials. We were able to find juice and milk for the girls. On the chilly morning, the Coffee shop was just what I needed to warm me up. Who doesn’t enjoy a cup of coffee, especially with a beach front view! So be sure to stop by in the morning for a hot coffee or hot chocolate to warm you up.

Ice Cream Parlor

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, the ice cream parlor is a must visit. They have plenty of Dreyer’s ice cream flavors to choose from. They have everything from Bubble Gum, Birthday Cake and Cotton Candy! We had to stop before we left to check out the awesome wall art and try some ice cream. The girls went with Cotton candy and Animal Cookie as their choices.

Huff & Puff Park

This is one of the places I was looking forward to visiting. I knew the girls would be so excited once they saw the park. If there is one thing that they really enjoy, it’s a big swing and slide place. The girls could spend all day at the park, they didn’t want to leave at all. They had so much fun running around the bridges, going down the slides and conquering their fears on the rock walls and they also learned how to slide down the fire pole. This was their happy place.

The Facilities

What I hear from people who don’t want to give camping a chance is that they need their restroom and showers, well Campland has that all and in abundance. There are restrooms and showers located throughout the facility. We visited a couple of them during our stay. When you have little ones there will be restroom breaks. All facilities were well maintained and taken care of. We would see people cleaning them around the clock and they are open 24/7. This was a big plus for my husband 😊.

Thanks again Campland for inviting us to visit your location. Also, big thank you to the friendly staff, everywhere we went we were greeted with smiles and everyone was willing to help when we had questions. We had an amazing time and plan to come back again and bring along more of our family next time. This is a great family place to enjoy and relax. You really do feel like you are away from everything, Campland is the perfect place for a small getaway or a long vacation. There is something to do for everyone of all ages!

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