We love to travel and explore new places but we also understand that the cost might be something that stops someone from doing the same. We were so excited when we learned about Avelo Air and the amazing deals that they offer that are available to everyone.

Avelo Air offers everyday low fares and they fly into smaller airports that are easier to navigate and closer to your destination. Our arrival airport was in Eugene, OR, getting out of the plane, grabbing our bags and picking up our rental was a breeze. We were on our way in no time.

As soon as we arrived in Eugene, our first destination was the Trail of 10 Falls in Silver Falls State Park. This was the perfect place to start our trip, the park offers different trails that you can take depending on how much you want to hike. We were able to see many waterfalls and even walk behind some of them. So many beautiful sites to see, we felt like we could be there all day.

After visiting the falls, we made our way to our destination, which was the Benson Hotel in Portland. This hotel offered timeless elegance in the heart of Portland. The iconic Benson Hotel is the city’s only luxury hotel that blends the charm and civility of the old world with the elegance of contemporary European design. This hotel was absolutely gorgeous, it had all of the old charm yet renovated recently with modern designs while keeping its charm.

Two more places that were on our list to visit were Multnomah Falls and Haystack Rock. Multnomah Falls is a must see when visiting Oregon, the Falls can be seen close up and it is breathtaking to stand near it as the water flows down, they even have a restaurant next to the Falls where you can enjoy some food and view the waterfall from its large windows. Haystack Rock is another must see place, it is located in Cannon Beach. Haystack Rock is something you must see to believe, even when standing in front of it, you can understand how huge it is and how it is just there on the edge of the beach. For any fans of the movie The Goonies, this rock will be very familiar.

We had an amazing time exploring Oregon, we saw so many places and still feel like there are many more to see. A return trip to Oregon will definitely be in the books. We also want to say thank you to Avelo Air for helping us along on this adventure. They were able to make this all possible and with such low fairs to many destinations, we know that our adventures with Avelo Air are not done yet.

We can’t wait to see where Avelo Air will take us next! Are you ready to fly with Avelo Air? Well, you are in luck, Avelo Air is offering $25 off round trip base fares* on ALL flights from now until 6/30/24 with promo code TRAVEL25. Make sure to follow Avelo Air so you can see all the great promotions that they have.

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17 thoughts on “Best Place To Explore In The Pacific North West?”

  1. Your article on exploring Oregon with Avelo Air was both informative and inspiring. I loved your detailed descriptions of the beautiful destinations!

  2. Wow! That’s really cheap. Thank you for sharing the promo code and we will see if we can book a flight or two. Can’t wait to take a vacation with the kids.

  3. Wow you guys made it seem super fun! I need to take a vacation to Oregon sometime! Thanks for sharing this Lizzy!

  4. The falls look amazing, I’m saving this list in case we want to explore things my partner and I planning for some trips You look amazing in the pictures as well.

  5. Wow, your trip to Oregon sounds amazing! The Trail of 10 Falls looks incredible, and those pictures of Multnomah Falls are breathtaking. Also, thanks for sharing the tip about Avelo Air’s low fares and easy-to-navigate airports.

  6. It sounds like you had an incredible trip to Oregon! The Trail of 10 Falls in Silver Falls State Park and the Benson Hotel in Portland both sound amazing. I’m glad to hear that Avelo Air helped make your adventure possible with their low fares and convenient airport locations. Thanks for sharing your experience; it’s definitely making me consider flying with Avelo Air for my next trip!

  7. I love discovering new travel options, and Avelo Air sounds perfect for budget-friendly trips. I’m definitely looking into this for my next vacation—can’t wait to explore the Pacific Northwest!

  8. his is so helpful! I’ve been looking for the best places to explore in the Pacific Northwest, and your recommendations are spot on. I can’t wait to start planning my trip.

  9. I’m a big fan of Oregon, especially the Portland area. You can go from big city excitement to natural beauty in just a few minutes.

  10. Oregon and Washington are tied for my two favorite states in the country. I just love the scenery and the weather so much!

  11. I just looked at my area and Avelo Air flys out of an airport near me! Thanks for the tip, I will have to check them out for my next trip.

  12. I love traveling to Oregon! Most of the hikes I have done have been around Portland. I will have to take a look at the Silver Lake Falls.

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