You ever catch yourself trying to decide if you want to go enjoy a dinner or go catch a nice show? Well, thanks to “Pirates Dinner Adventure” you don’t have to choose anymore, you can have both all wrapped into one. When we heard about Pirates Dinner Adventure, we had to look it up and see what it was all about. What we found was a fun, interactive show that you can enjoy while eating a nice dinner.

Pirates Dinner Adventure is one of the most popular attractions in Orange County. It is an experience that can be enjoyed by people and kids of all ages. When you walk into the theater, you will know that this is no ordinary show. As soon as you cross those doors, you come face to face with Black Beards pirate ship, you would never imagine that there is this pirate ship surrounded by water inside the theater. The pirates give a great show with amazing swordplay, acrobatics and some crazy aerial artistry.

The best part about this show is that it happens all around you. The actors are swinging from the middle of the ship to your seating areas and they interact with you to keep you involved in the show. Did I mention that every section is given a color that represents their pirate and you are encouraged to cheer them as they battle against the other pirates to see who will come on top. This is one of the best parts of the experience, you aren’t just there to watch a show, you are actually part of it. During different parts of the show, the pirates and waiters choose people and kids to be part of the show, you might chosen to get on the ship and recite the pirate oath or you might help raise the sales in a sprint to beat out your other competitors. This was such a fun part of the show and hubby was picked to put on his pirate costume and help raise the sails. Twinkies were laughing so hard and cheering him on to be the winner, kids will definitely love that part of the show.

I almost forgot about the feast! After you find out what section you will be seated, you are greeted by the awesome waiters who will take you to your seat and get you started with your first course, which is your choice of a house salad or vegetable soup. For your main course, you can choose between the roasted chicken, Pirate’s pork, Vegetarian option or vegan entree. You also get the option to upgrade your meal to the Captain’s Caribbean feast which we got and it featured our choice of Shrimp, Chicken or Fish served on a bed of Caribbean Rice inside a Pineapple bowl. Other options include the Turkey Leg, Lobster Tail or the Shrimp Skewers. all great options and the portions are enough to have your pirate belly full! Follow this LINK to view the full menu for yourself and make sure to select your meal when purchasing your tickets. Oh yes, they also have a bountiful of pirate themed adult beverages for you to chose from. Not only do these look awesome, they taste amazing. Here is the LINK for the Buccaneer Bar Menu.

We had such a fun time at Pirates Dinner Adventure, we definitely want to come back again and cheer on a different pirate and see if we can help him to victory! If you are trying to find something to do for the whole family, don’t forget to check out Pirates Dinner Adventure, I am sure that everyone will have a great time!

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Toodles for now. Stay tuned for our upcoming adventures.

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