My family and I took a trip to Florida in November to cross out Walt Disney World off our Disney bucket list! It was a dream come true! Even though we got to visit during a pandemic we had a great time and felt completely safe with all the measurements Walt Disney World had in place. Below are some great tips for anyone who is thinking about taking a trip down to Florida to get their Disney fix. 

Disney Springs

Our first stop was Disney Springs! We were amazed with how big Disney Springs was. If you are planning on visiting WDW you definitely need to make sure you spend a day exploring Disney Springs. We had lunch at Chicken Guy. I love chicken tenders and I had heard great things about Chicken Guy. We tried the loaded Fries and they were amazing! Of course, we had to try the grilled all-natural tenders and they hit the spot! Don’t forget to check out all of their sauces!!

Walt Disney World

Now let’s talk Walt Disney World! Make sure you are familiar with My Disney Experience app, it really will be your best friend in WDW. I am from California where it rarely rains. Here are some recommendations I have since the weather in Florida can tend to change drastically. Make sure you pack baggies for wet masks and wet clothes, (random downpours) nobody likes to walk around the parks with wet socks! Ponchos are the best way to go. Umbrella’s help but the rain is often sideways. Rain lasts 15 minutes but it’s a hard 15 minutes and then the sun comes out and dries you off. Also, take some reusable straws, unless you don’t mind using paper straws. Huge tip!!!! If you wont be visiting any of the parks on your arrival date, try to go to 1 of the 2 “Character Warehouse” locations near WDW for amazing discounts on merchandise. We went on our last day and found ears for less than $10 dollars and spirit jerseys for less than $30 dollars. If we had to do it again, we would go there first to purchase apparel to wear at the parks and souvenirs. You will not beat the prices at this place.

Magic Kingdom

For Magic Kingdom, if you are able to make reservations at “Be Our Guest” please do! It’s a MUST! I must advice it’s a bit pricey but the only time you can see Beast at his castle! The food is delicious. Huge tip!!!! Try to make a reservation for as late as possible in the night. If you get a reservation 10 minutes before the park closes, you will be allowed to stay and eat until you finish. Why is this great? because as the park is closing for everyone else, you are having dinner so when you step out of the restaurant you will literally have the entire park to yourself, which makes for amazing castle pictures as well and many other photo ops throughout the park. If you pass on “Be Our Guest” then stop at Gaston’s for a grey stuff cupcake. Pecos Bill has great nachos and they are gigantic. One of my favorite rides was “Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!” You must race through the diamond mine from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on a swaying family coaster ride. Make sure you visit “The Winnie the Pooh Ride”, it is way better than Disneyland (gasp, yes I said that). Snacks, anything Dole Whip! They have so many flavors!


One of my favorite parks to visit was Epcot! Try to get in line for “Frozen Ever After” as soon as you get to Epcot! Voyage to Arendelle aboard an ancient Nordic vessel as you take a musical tour of the wintery world of Frozen. Test Track is also a must if you enjoy a fast thrill ride! It is designed as a virtual concept car and put to the test on this thrilling, high-octane attraction. “Living with the Land” has a little boat ride that takes you through their amazing hydroponic garden, it is also a nice, slow and quiet ride if the little ones are over stimulated and need something low key. It’s a must to check out the “Soarin’ Around the World” ride also! “Journey into Imagination with Figment” is a super cute ride! You will fall in love with Figment! Make sure you buy Figment ears or any Figment souvenir, you won’t regret it! He is the cutest dragon ever, he stole my heart! Coral Reef Restaurant is a bit pricey but the floor to ceiling wall to wall aquarium makes it all worth it! If you like Fish and Chips like I do, get them from the counter service in UK! Make sure to grab some desserts at the patisserie in France Pavilion. Although my husband and I were not able to participate since we had the little ones with us, “Drink around the world” is a fun experience that people enjoy doing while trying alcoholic drinks from across the globe.

Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios was by far my favorite park while visiting WDW! A great tip my friend told me was to start to the right of the park and work your way around counter clockwise, most people go left to right to start with “Galaxy’s edge”. Huge tip!!!! You don’t have to be at Hollywood Studios to get the ROTR boarding pass at 7 am, set an alarm while at your hotel to wake up and be ready to snag some reservations. Make sure all tickets are on your app. “Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway” definitely check out! The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is by far one of my favorite rides ever! I miss it so much at DCA! Please go on this ride, it is completely different then the one at DCA! We loved Toy Story Land! Spend some time exploring this land, makes you feel like you’re in Andy’s world! Sci-Fi Dine or 50’s Prime time are awesome restaurants to eat for lunch. 

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom, same thing here, start right and work your way around counter clockwise. “Avatar Flight of Passage” is out of this world! If you can go on it more than once, please do! This is by far one of the, if not the best, immerse experiences out there. you really do feel you are in a completely different world. Pandora is better to experience at night! “Expedition Everest” had me screaming and laughing the whole time! If you can go on the first row, you will get the best experience! You get the best views around and if you get lucky you might be able to see Epcot while at the very top of the ride. The ride is themed around the Yeti protecting the Forbidden Mountain next to Mount Everest. In the morning get a Tiger Tail from the Java Hut across the way from Starbucks, it’s a puff pastry with Nutella and when it’s gone that’s it for the day! For lunch, Flame Tree Barbecue has amazing pulled pork fries.

Overall, we had an amazing time! Thanks to Lisa over at @CustomBowtiqueByLisa for providing us with a lot of this information, be sure to check out her Instagram for customized cups and pop sockets. Also, if you are in need of last minute masks, be sure to check out. @626OhanaAvenue for some great designs. She is always available to meet in and around the park for delivery, use code FLORES10 to save 10% off your purchase.

We can’t wait to go back! Let me know in the comments if there is anything else we are missing for our next trip! Thanks for reading.

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  1. We are so excited especially the kids this will be thier first time. They haven’t even been to Disneyland so going here first is a BIG thing. I love all your pictures and ideas and I will look for them too. Thanks

  2. Looks like your family had an amazing trip! I hope you enjoyed it! We’ve been twice and I’m anxious to go again lol

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