My girls have such a great imagination and love to build things with anything they can find, especially LEGOS. I have been wanting to take them to LEGOLAND California Resort for the longest time but wanted to make sure they were old enough, and tall enough, to experience as many rides as possible.

We surprised our girls with their first ever trip to LEGOLAND California Resort and let me tell you that it won’t be our last. Not only did our girls have such a great time but so did my husband and I. There was so much to do for kids and adults of all ages that you will also want to keep coming back.

My first tip for your LEGOLAND visit is to stop by THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD at the beginning of the day. This is their newest addition to the park which means that as the day goes on, there will be bigger crowds in this area. Our girls loved everything about this place, they are huge pony fans so “Queen Watevra’s Carousel” was a hit. Our girls are also not afraid to try new things so “Unikitty’s Disco Drop” was our next stop. Not only did the girls have fun on this ride but so did we! I love thrilling rides and the sudden drops from this ride had us screaming and laughing. Hubby’s favorite ride has to be “Emmet’s Flying Adventure Ride“, you get to ride on a triple decker couch built by Emmet and you are transported all over the LEGO MOVIE Universe. It is an amazing full dome virtual screen that has you flying through a world created completely from LEGO Bricks!

One thing that is unique about the LEGOLAND California Resort is that most rides are interactive, you get to participate and are not just a spectator. Which brings me to my second tip. Come ready to have fun and be competitive while you get a good workout. At the “Fun Town Police And Fire Academy” you work together as a team to move your truck towards the building, you then jump off and have to use the water cannons to turn off the make believe fire. We had so much fun here trying to beat the other families and be the first to get back on our truck and reach the finish line. At the “Lost Kingdom Adventure”, you use laser blasters to battle skeletons, mummies, snakes and more to earn as many points as possible! At the “Sky Patrol” you are the one in control, you can move your helicopter left to right and up and down, you decide. You know our girls had us spinning in circles lol. At the “BIONICLE Blaster”, the more you spin the wheel, the faster it goes and boy does it spin!! Girls had me dizzy on this ride but I cant help but enjoy their little laughs as they try to go as fast as possible.

no trip to LEGOLAND California Resort would be complete without a trip to Miniland! Where else can you travel to different places around the USA in miniature form. The park is literally based on things being built out of LEGOS, so make sure to stop by Miniland and see all the work that these artist and LEGO creators put into building all of these miniature cities. They have 10 destinations of amazing scenery and city skylines from coast to coast – all built out of LEGO bricks! Visit places like New Orleans, San Francisco, Washington DC and of course Las Vegas!

Another tip that I have for you guys is come with an appetite!! LEGOLAND has so many food options and let me tell you the price for the food and the serving sizes were great! There were so many options that we couldn’t decide where to eat. They have everything you cold ask for. Do you want Pizza, Ramen, BBQ burgers? Or maybe you are craving a meal prepared fresh infront of your eyes?

That last option sounded great to us so we took a visit to Fun Town’s Urban Kitchen. We watched as a delicious Philly Cheese Steak was cooked right infront of us, this was my option and I can’t stress this enough, if you get a chance to drop by, you have to try it. The sirloin steak was cooked just right with some caramelized onions, it was delicious and the addition of the traditional cheese wiz put this dish over the top. It was a massive sandwich that curved my appetite. Hubby wanted to try something different and he loves Italian food so he went with the spicy shrimp fettuccini. The pasta was nice and soft and covered in a delicious tomato and basil sauce and the shrimp was the perfect way to top it. Kids are always the hardest to please but for our girls we can always count on our go to meal, chicken strips!! the tenders were golden brown and crispy. They had the perfect crunch to please their appetite.

For desert, there was only one thing on my mind. Everyone that I told that we were going to LEGOLAND said if there is one thing I needed to try, it would have to be the Granny’s Apple Fries! I had no idea what to expect but the way people described them to me I knew I had to have some before our night was over. So before we left the resort we made our way to try Granny’s Apple Fries and I am so glad I did. By looking at them I would have never thought they were apples lol. They were covered in cinnamon sugar and gave you a side of vanilla cream to dip them in. They were freshly made and you can tell by how warm they were how easily the melted in your mouth when you took a bite. They were so good that Twinkies did not want to share so we ended up getting everyone their own individual serving. So I will pass it along, when you make your next LEGOLAND trip you have to get some of the delicious Granny’s Apple Fries.

There was one part of the park that we did not get to visit since it was not yet open but we will definitely plan a return trip to visit and that is the LEGOLAND Water Park. Girls were excited to visit but it wasn’t open, you don’t have to worry about that since the water park is officially open now and open for guests to visit. Girls love the water so we know they will have a blast exploring this part of the park when we come back and you will too so make sure to bring your bathing suits for a fun filled day in the water.

My final tip to you is to try to get there as early as possible. There is honestly so much to do at LEGOLAND California Resort that you wont be able to cover the whole park in just one day. There is so much to see and do that you will wonder where the day went. But that only gives us an excuse to come back again lol. I hope you enjoyed our mini run down of our first ever visit to LEGOLAND California Resort. Let me know what is your favorite thing about LEGOLAND in the comments. What is one of the things we must do on our next visit?

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13 thoughts on “Tips For LEGOLAND California You Need To Know”

  1. We went to Legoland the end of last Summer and I remember being amazed at how neat it was! Truly a fun experience for the whole family.

  2. I didn’t know they had a hotel right next to LEGOLAND, looks like it is walking distance from the entrance. I will have to plan a trip and stay there. Do you recommend the hotel? is it worth the stay to be that close?

    1. Hello Craig,

      We didn’t get a chance to stay at the hotel this time but you literally walk out the door and the entrance is right there. I think that convenience is well worth it and the prices are very affordable. We hope to stay there soon and create a blog for you guys.

    1. Hi,

      your daughter will love it just like our girls did. I love hearing about other girls who enjoy playing with LEGOS and building. Hope you do get to go soon.

  3. I really want to take my lego obsessed son to a Legoland like this. Ours is tiny and not very fun.

    1. Hello Monica,

      you should take your LEGO obsessed son!!! Our girls had so much fun and there is so much to do that you won’t know where to start lol. It is a must for any LEGO fan.

  4. Those apple fries are delicious!! I need to take the family back soon. I see the picture of your girls outside the hotel. Have you stayed there before? Would love your feed back if it is worth staying there.

    1. Hello Monica,

      the apple fries were delicious. Well worth the wait for them. We didn’t get a chance to stay at the hotel this time but we did look it up and the themed rooms look amazing and I am sure any kid that gets to stay there will have a blast. We hope to stay there soon and create content for you guys.

  5. Haven’t been before but your blog really wants me to pick up the family and go!! That water park looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully you can go to that and show us what you think about it.

    1. Hello Rocio,

      you definitely need to take the family. Your kids and you will have an amazing time. The water park looks like so much fun but it wasn’t open when we went. It did just open so it is available and can’t wait to go back with the family. If we do end up going, I will make sure to detail our experience for you guys.

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