We always said we wanted to return to Vancouver, we fell in love with the city and everything it has to offer. Thanks to the Westin Bayshore Vancouver, we were able to make this return trip happen.

The Westin Bayshore Vancouver is absolutely beautiful and it sits right on the harbour. Our room had amazing views of the harbour and the resort. It is hard to describe the feeling of waking up and walking out to the balcony to see the sunrise as it slowly peaks over the mountains. We could of sat on the recliners all day and just look out the window to the breathtaking views. Our room was spacious and had plenty of room for all of us to fit comfortably. We had all of our necessary amenities in our room to make our stay enjoyable.

This resort had 2 pools on site! There is an indoor pool that is perfect for anyone that doesn’t want to step outdoors. The pool is heated and also had a jacuzzi to lounge in. now the outdoor pool? It was also heated which was so much fun to jump in at night and feel nice and warm as the steam rises and surrounds the pool. Oh and don’t forget about the beautiful barrel shaped outdoor saunas. I loved relaxing in the sauna while hubby and the girls enjoyed the pool.

The activity I was most looking forward to at the Westin was the Winnie The Pooh inspired afternoon tea. Afternoon Tea is something I have always heard about but never got the chance to experience until our visit to the Westin Bayshore. It was such a beautiful experience with delicious food and teas while we listened to some of our favorite Disney songs being played on a harp. The decorations were fabulous and the food was perfectly selected to represent a character from the 100 acre wood. This is something you have to do when visiting Vancouver, I would definitely return just for this.

Now the activity that the girls were looking forward to the most was the kids cooking class that is open to all kids staying at the resort. They got to work with one of the Westin chefs to decorate their own cupcakes. Each kiddo got their own apron and chef hat with their name on it. They got instructions from one of the chefs an then were set free to use so many delicious decorating options for their cupcakes. It was so much fun seeing the smiles on the kids faces and they made a mess and showed their artistic side while decorating their cupcakes. All the kiddos who participated had so much fun!

When it comes to dining, The Westin also has you covered. With multiple dinning options, you are sure to find something to satisfy your appetite. Their 2 main dinning options are the H Tasting Lounge which has a beautiful outdoor dome dinning experience which you have to try and the H2 Kitchen + Bar which we enjoyed for breakfast and dinner. It was hard to narrow down what to eat but you can’t go wrong with what you choose. Here are some of the delicious items that we tried.

Thank you @westinbayshore for #hosting us this weekend and for all the amazing activities we got to experience. Make sure to visit Westin Bayshore Vancouver to book your next stay! You won’t be disappointed.

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Toodles for now. Stay tuned for our upcoming adventures.

6 thoughts on “The Westin Bayshore Vancouver Is Amazing!”

  1. Wow! The view and the food looks amazing. Happy to know that there multiple dining options. Will surely consider them during our next trip to Vancouver.

  2. Wow, it seems like you had an amazing time at the resort! The fact that they had two pools on site, with one being indoor and heated and the other being outdoor and also heated, sounds like the perfect place to relax and unwind. The barrel-shaped outdoor saunas also sound like a luxurious touch to the overall experience. And the Winnie the Pooh-inspired afternoon tea sounds like a dream come true. It’s great to read that you enjoyed the delicious food and tea while listening to some of your favourite Disney songs being played on a harp. It’s no wonder you would definitely return just for this experience. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us!

  3. I’ve never been to Vancouver but I would love to visit it some day. Your kids seem to have so much fun at Westin Bayshore. The kids’ cooking class looks so much fun. Your kids definitely must have had the time of their lives

  4. Your experience at The Westin Bayshore Vancouver sounds absolutely amazing! From the stunning waterfront location to the luxurious amenities, it seems like the perfect destination for a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway. I love how you highlighted the hotel’s commitment to sustainability and its efforts to minimize its environmental impact—it’s always inspiring to see businesses prioritizing eco-friendly practices. Your detailed review and beautiful photos have definitely convinced me to add The Westin Bayshore Vancouver to my travel bucket list. Thanks for sharing your magical adventure with us!

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