We love the great outdoors! If you follow our page you know how much we like to go on adventures and see new places. One of the things we have been wanting to do is have a family camping trip where we didn’t have to worry about anything. We have gone camping before but we did it in a tent in the middle of winter! Let me tell you, we had such a great time but those cold nites in a tent were extremely rough.

This year we decided to give it another go but this time we wanted to go not only in style but we wanted to make sure our whole family would be comfortable. That is where El Monte RV stepped in, they have a huge selection of RV’s that will be able to meet anyone’s needs. The staff is extremely helpful and will guide you in the process so you are confident that the rental that you get will meet everything on your checklist.

For us, we went with their Class A – Slide-out Family sleeper. Let me tell you, this RV had it all, it had a nice big private room for hubby and I, it had bunk bed style beds right outside our door, this was big for us since we did want some privacy but also wanted to make sure the girls were close to us just in case they needed something. After the first night, Twinkies wanted to explore more of the RV so we let them sleep on the bed that comes down right above the front seats and on the bed that transforms into the dinning table. With so many sleeping options we could have easily brought 4 more people and still slept comfortably.

As far as amenities, This El Monte RV has you covered. We had a nice dinning area where we enjoyed our breakfast and lunch, we had a fridge and freezer which was great since we brought our own food, a stove/oven plus a microwave, a sink to wash our dishes and a bathroom with a shower. This RV was literally a house on wheels, everything we could of wanted was included. This is one of their slide-out RV’s, so what does that mean? it means just that, the walls slide out to give you even more room. We had plenty of room to walk around and never felt like we were in each others way. It is winter season and one of our previous camping issues was the cold at night, we did not have that problem in this RV, we had heating running through the whole RV so when the sun went down, we were able to turn on the heater and stay nice and toasty in our beds. All windows did come with pull down shades for privacy at night and the front window had a motorized shade that came down as well. One cool thing that El Monte RV offers with their rentals are kits to help you along the way. They have a Convenience kit that includes items like blankets, sheets, pillows towels, etc. and they also offer a Kitchen Kit that includes items like pans, pan covers, dish towels, mop and broom. Make sure to check with your local rental location to see if they offer these kits.

All the cool features weren’t only inside the RV, outside we had awnings that opened up to protect us from the sun so we can relax outside when we had family fun and some snacks. There are also lights that you can turn on during the night so you can see around you and continue the fun at night. On the side of the RV there are plenty of storage spaces for you to bring along all of your items and there is also a TV that comes out so you can enjoy movies under the moon. We had so much fun both inside and outside the RV, it was hard to decide where we wanted to spend most of our time.

Where did we take this awesome RV you might ask? Well we decided to go camping at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina in Orange County, CA. We are always on the go but sometimes we just need to get away from the daily grind and unwind! Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort provides some enjoyable entertainment offering two pools, one shallow for little ones, two in-ground spas, and four lux cabanas. Children can enjoy frolicking in the water or wading in the shallow pool while parents can relax poolside. The 1650 sq. ft. is perfect for swimming laps and year round exercise. The pool is open Daily, from 9 am – 9 pm for resort guests only.

Pirate Playground was Abigail and Aubrey’s favorite part of the resort! They loved playing in the sand, ringing the bell, climbing all over and sliding down the tubes. We also had fun swinging on the swings and their favorite was the giant blue Moe B, the Whale on the sand to climb on.

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina is a 110-acre beach resort with over 372 RV sites and 10 beach cottages, 11 large cottages, and 6 studio cottages. No matter where you stay within the resort, you’ll be able to enjoy the beach and scenic surroundings. They also have plenty of water activities that the whole family can enjoy. They have Duffy Boat rentals, Standup Paddle Boards, kayaks and Pedal Boats. Make sure to check the schedule for availability here.

Here are a couple of tips to remember: Bring anything you would normally bring for a camping day (camping chairs to enjoy fire pits, sunscreen, etc), as well as your own food/drinks. Hours: The Marketplace is open from 10 a.m. to dusk, and Moe B’s Munchies is open from 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

We had such a great time and love sharing all of the information with you. If you are looking for a place to stay, make sure to check out Newport Dunes for your next adventure. Also, if you are looking to explore the great outdoors and don’t currently own an RV, make sure to call El Monte RV for your next rental. Their staff was amazing in helping us with all of our questions and they have really good prices to help you along the way.

If you aren’t already convinced, check out these two reels of all the fun we had.

El Monte RV Reel

Newport Dunes Reel

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Newport Dunes, El Monte RV

20 thoughts on “How To Go Camping In Style?”

  1. Oh my goodness! What a fun trip. We have a campervan, but I’d love to take a trip in an actual RV. Looks like a blast!

  2. Oooh, I didn’t know you can rent RVs! I thought you can only buy them. I’d love to take the kids on camping and travel in an RV. It’s one of my son’s dreams!

  3. It seems like you had a comfy camping. El Monte RV seems to have most things covered. The Convenience Kit is a life saver.

  4. My husband has been wanting to travel in an RV for a long time and I think it is time that we finally make this happen with the family. Thanks for the tips.

  5. I have lived near Newport all my life and loved visiting this campground. I didn’t know you could rent RV’s on site.

  6. It looks like you guys had such a great time, we have always wanted to try camping but didn’t know where to start. I will have to take a look at El Monte RV to see if they have any locations near me.

    1. Yes, this was our 2nd time as a family camping and I don’t think I would be able to do it again if it wasn’t in an RV.

    1. It is the way to go for the convenience especially with little ones. The RV from El Monte RV was amazing, we loved it.

    1. It was a lot of fun and we didn’t have to worry about forgetting items or where we would go to eat since we had it all available in our RV.

    1. Once you travel in an RV it will change your life. If you are ever in the market to rent one, make sure to check out El Monte RV, they have locations all over the US.

  7. This looks like such an awesome campground! I grew up camping all over Florida. We had a few different campers over the years, including a pull-behind with two slide-outs and a large 5th-wheel camper. We ten camp with scouts right now but I’d love to get a camper like this and go camping more as a family.

    1. That is awesome! We loved it and I do hope we try it more often, this time during summer. You have definitely lived the camping life with all the different campers you have owned.

  8. Believe it or not, I have never driven, ridden, or slept in an RV! It’s about time I gave it a try. My problem is that no one else in the family is will to do this.

    1. This was our first time too and we were all excited and were on board to give it a shot. I think once they see the RV and how fun it is to travel somewhere and get to sleep in the RV to enjoy the campground they will love it.

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