Looking for something fun to do while maintaining 6 feet apart and social distancing? We have the happiest adventure for you to explore. We were invited to Happy Place Drive Thru! It is located in the Westfield Century City’s parking structure. It was such a fun experience. My three-year-old twins were in awe!!

This is a one-of-a kind event that has been designed to deliver HAPPY entertainment from the safety of your car! The drive thru featured over 18 unique and vibrant exhibits that made for a picture-perfect opportunity. Our favorite part was pretending to be in our own personal party! We got to pick a fun song that was bumping loud as one of the happy place employees recorded us dancing in our car, how fun is that? At the end of our experience, we got emailed to us all the fun photo and videos that were taken of us! By the way, there is a fun scavenger hunt, don’t forget to look out for clues! Check out Happy Place at happyplace.me to get your tickets. Hurry, the drive thru experience ends January 10th, 2021

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