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Today I’ll be openly talking about the Corona virus aka as Covid-19! These are only my personal thoughts and feelings. However, I am featuring a couple statements from friends who are in the healthcare field and how this virus has affected them.

What a strange, scary, confusing, frightening moment to be living in. It’s such an emotional roller coaster for me to say the least. I started off happy to be spending this time at home with my husband who gets to work from home during this time. I’m thankful he’s here and not at work. Also, spending all this time with my daughters, as you know I’m a working Mommy so to have this time is truly a blessing.

As the days went on, and watching the news it began to worry me. Talking to my friends who are in the healthcare industry and sharing that there are not enough supplies to protect them made me mad. My friend Ann who’s a nurse stated that they are overloaded with people in her clinic who are coughing, have fever and respiratory infections and they have NO testing kits and not nearly enough masks. On the other hand we have my friend Cindy who is a Medical Assistant and she stated there’s also a shortage with gloves, masks, gowns at her clinic. However, they do have kits to test but since they can’t protect themselves they can’t use them. They are referring their patients to other locations to be seen. Two similar stories yet different at the same time. None the less, I feel we cant afford getting sick because we do not know if there will be any supplies for us. This is why it is so important to stay inside and only go out for food or necessities.

This has also affected many financially. Many are not able to work because their jobs are temporarily closed. My sister Kimberly was laid off from her job, her manager decided to lay everyone off. I know she will be fine but I think about others who were not financially prepared for this and need their jobs. What about them?

During these times lets all take care of ourselves and look out for one another. Reach out to your loved ones on FaceTime or a simple text. Keep your children entertained, there are so many activities that you can do at home and in your own backyard. We are continuing to follow a schedule with our daughters and it consists of educational activities, outdoor fun and free play.

I am forever thankful for everyone in the healthcare industry, grocery stores, drive-thru restaurants, truck drivers, and everyone who continues to work to ensure we all have what we need during this quarantine.

The Corona virus has the power to destroy us mentally, before it ever touches us physically. Protect your peace and your sanity. I am not a home body. If you know me, you know once the weekend comes I am out exploring, living my best life! There is no Elizabeth without an adventure! However, our adventures are having to be indoors and you bet I am being as adventurous as I can be. I pray for better days. For now, ill be living my best quarantine life. Soon we will all able to hug it out. Lizzy out!


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  1. We are taking it one day at a time! I work at a hospital and there are definitely not enough supplies to protect ourselves . It’s crazy scary. Luckily i see a lot of outpatients so our cases were cancelled and I have been able to stay home for the most part. Like you said It’s so sad to see so many businesses and people struggle financially. It’s just all around a horrible situation we can’t wait to pass but trying to make the best out of the situation we are in specially for the kiddo.

  2. In my house we are trying to take a day at a time. My husband is not working but I am. All this is just so crazy and sad. I did not think this was that big until the week of March 10. I went to Costco and I saw a lot of people coming out with 2 to 3 packs of toilet paper and paper towels 😳. I was like “ok, what is going on” since I saw everyone pretty much doing that I was like, ok…… I shall just take a pack of toilet paper just in case 🤔, but not that I was thinking it was going to get like this!😟 oh man, this is crazy. People that are panicking are making the not panickers panic 😥 they have emptied our stores. I don’t understand how people don’t think of other people and their families.🤦‍♀️ Luckily I had gone for groceries days before. I feel bad for all the other people that I know that weren’t able to get their essentials. Now we have all these cases around the world and so close to home too. I think this stay at home order is great and should help the spread of this terrible virus as long as everyone is listening. One of the first persons I though of is you Liz, I was telling our mutual friend Carmen “oh, Liz is going to go crazy, she goes out so much ” but then I thought she is so creative and adventurous she will turn that house upside down and enjoy her twinkies and her hubby. I am glad to see I wasn’t wrong. You enjoy these moments with your beautiful family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧and hopefully all this chaos and virus ends soon. 🙏

  3. Hi Lizzy,
    Happy to see that you are living your best quarantined life with your twinkies and the hubby. It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun and the girls are enjoying having you home. I remember when we first started hearing about the Corona virus, I wasn’t really taking it that seriously, but I am so glad that it didn’t take me long to realize how serious it was. Not from the standpoint of getting sick myself, but the potential to spread it to someone who could be at risk of not being able to fight off the virus, or to even pass it on to others that could then flood our dr offices and hospitals, leaving our healthcare workers overwhelmed. I am so thankful for all those who are on the frontlines of it all. May God continue to bless each and every one of them. Many blessings to you and the family as well. ❤️

    1. Hi Marina,

      Thank you for your comment. I love how the girls are clueless about what is happening. They just know that their parents are home with them and we are making memories. I agree with you, when I first heard about the virus I thought I didn’t have to worry because it was not happening in our little city. Just like you, I snapped out of that mindset really fast. I began to look into it and realizing that it was better for us to be home so that we can protect the ones who can not stay home.

      I hope you and your lovely family are together at home and enjoying this time together.

      Much love,

      Lizzy Flores

  4. Great read Elizabeth and Ii too love spending time with my family. I do read and watch the news on updates it scares me as well. We have been working from home luckily and staying home since we want to protect our baby as much as possible. We are trying to do our part as it seems like there isn’t enough supplies for everyone right now. I pray for a better outcome each day. Stay safe and we will have outdoor adventures soon again.

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for your comment. I hope you and your family are doing well and are enjoying each others company.

  5. I am so with you on this one. We need to learn the lessons from other countries. For example and so unfortunate, Spain didn’t learn the lesson of their neighbor Italy and not until now, now that it’s too late are they finally enforcing the stay at home rule so even those going out for a jog outdoors (keeping safe distance) or a bike ride get fined and/or thrown in jail, that should have happened way, way before! The only reason China has controlled the spread is because they were so aggressive with their quarantine, I think we in the USA are being way too relaxed about this and it’s so scary that people are just acting like we are on a vacation while our Healthcare workers are literally risking their lives. I saw some stats about how in the USA the recoup rate is much, much lower than those in other countries. With the projections for our country of half the nation being infected, it’s scary to think that out of those infected, a high percentage will not survive. We all as a community need to be wiser and just stay home as much as possible. I had to see my doctor yesterday and one of the attendees mentioned that for healthcare workers, it’s not a matter of if but when they would get infected. And that’s just sad, they have family and friends and have to go home to their loved ones. I hope that they are still being very careful & when they get to finally be home with their family, God bless all. 🙏

    1. Hi Lizzy!!
      Boy do I miss you and all my friends of course & Disney! 🙁 play dates too! You are having a fun time and being creative with the girls! That’s awesome! Love the popcorn idea:) it is very scary and this has taught me a lot to and became more humble through all this. Brielle seems to do better each day. At first it was really hard for all of us. We have made some changes and temporary moved in back with my parents in menifee since we were in an apartment in Irvine where the numbers are higher in OC than riverside . Brielle needed space to move and be more outdoors etc. We are more at peace now. It is affecting everyone finically. I am believing and praying that God will take care of all of us and here is hope. It is hard to see and think this will be over, but I know Well be ok. Hope to talk soon! Love to the familia!! Xoxo

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