Celebration Of Life! If you know me, you know how much of a “Sporty Girl” I am. Watching my Lakers play brings joy to my life. I grew up watching Lakers games with my family. Kobe Bryant was one of my first crushes. When something important in my life was about to take place I would say “I can do this, I’m on the Kobe system, Mamba Mentality”. Id smile and know that everything is possible on the “Kobe system, on that Mamba Mentality”.

I took my parents to their first Lakers game at Staples Center, we loved cheering for Kobe and chanting MVP at him. Proudly rocking all my Kobe jerseys was one of my favorite things growing up. I even had Kobe’s picture on my acrylic nails with all my favorite Lakers players at one point! Kobe had a way of making games so exciting that you couldn’t miss a second because you never knew what you were going to get.

Kobe’s passing really hurt. How can the legendary Black Mamba no longer be with us?Thank you Kobe for all the memories! Thank you for helping me find my confidence.

Rest in peace Kobe. In good ole Kobe words, Mamba Out.


One thought on “2/24 Celebration Of Life”

  1. When I heard the news the first person I thought of is you. I knew how much you liked the Lakers and Kobe. It was a terrible accident. May all the people involved rest in peace.

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