We had the opportunity to be some of the first to screen the all new “Mickey Mouse Funhouse” series and watch the special “Mickey the Brave!”. Abigail and Aubrey really enjoyed it! They asked if they could watch it again. We are already in love with the theme song.

Disney Junior’s whimsical animated series “Mickey Mouse Funhouse” introduces preschoolers’ first pal, Mickey Mouse, and his friends – Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy and Pluto – to Funny, an enchanted talking playhouse who takes the Sensational Six on adventures of all types to unique worlds that inspire the imagination.  “Mickey Mouse Funhouse” takes place in the magical Funhouse Forest, where Funny lives with his pet doghouse, Teddy, and Windy, the weathervane. Funny can change into anything – a rocket ship, a steamboat, an amusement park ride – and guides Mickey and his pals through all sorts of adventurous and comical quests. Inside the funhouse, the Stairs to Anywhere take the crew to the Adventure Doors, each one leading to a different world. Once transported to these new lands, Mickey and his friends are transformed into characters specific to each setting that help immerse them into whatever situation the doors have lead them to. Whether portraying medieval knights, kings and queens in the kingdom of Majestica, old-timey cowboys and cowgirls in Sunny Gulch or mer-people in Underwater Ocean World, Mickey and his pals are eager to embark on these new adventures together.

We would love to thank our friends over at @DisneyBrandTVPR who sent us over a gingerbread house with a ton of goodies to decorate with. We would also like to thank Just Play Products who sent us our very own Mickey Mouse that gets us moving! That’s right, this Mickey leads our stretches and plays one of the new songs from the show! Thanks again, Kristin Cruz, @DisneyBrandTVPR and @Disneyproducts for this opportunity and all the goodies!

If you are ready to enjoy this amazing new show with your little ones then you are in luck! “Mickey Mouse Funhouse” series debut will be on August 20th, and it will be on both Disney Channel and Disney Junior at 8:00 am ET/PT.

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