Twinkies enjoy following along Bluey’s family adventures. They love all the silliness that the whole family gets into and keep telling us that they want to visit Bluey’s house. 

#AD With Bluey’s Tree Playset by Moose Toys, Twinkies can now recreate their favorite backyard adventures from the show. The 2 sided Tree Playset gives them many places to play and things to discover. Bluey and friends can climb the ladder, ride the swing, slide down the slide or even relax in the hammock! There is even a secret fairy hideaway that is hidden behind a secret door!

If there is one thing that Abigail and Aubrey enjoy the most, it is cuddling with their plushies! They were excited to see Chilli and Bandit as they keep saying they remind them of Daddy and Me lol. These cute plushies have high quality embroidered details that look just like the characters. I think Mommy and Daddy enjoyed seeing these more than our girls did.

With the Tree Playset, there is plenty of room for more friends to join in on the fun which makes the Dress Up Figure 2 Pack the perfect accessory. The pack comes with “Play Time Bluey”, Bandit and a garden gnome hat and pair of antlers for the characters to wear. 

Girls can’t get enough of their Bluey Tree Playset by Moose Toys, we love Bluey and everything the show teaches not only our girls but us as well about family. It is such an amazing show that has helped our girls’ imagination grow even more.

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Toodles for now. Stay tuned for our upcoming adventures.

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