If you don’t already know, I am a huge Disney fan. I live for anything Disney, so when I found out that Spin Masters created a Disney board game, I knew I had to have it! We all know about the Disney Heroes who are featured in all of our favourite movies who take the main stage. But.. what about the Disney Sidekicks? The ones that aren’t the main characters but find a way to steal our hearts. They play a big role but we don’t always give them the credit they deserve. In the Disney Sidekicks board game, all of that changes. The sidekicks are the one who take the main stage, who take down the evil villains.

We love this game and so did our twin girls. As soon as they saw the box they wanted to open it and get right to playing. We played together as a family and they were so excited to take on the role of some of their favorite Disney Sidekicks. You could tell how much they got into the game and how badly they wanted to defeat the villains. After we all played a game together, it was time to put them down to sleep and enjoy a Disney date night! This game is perfect for any Disney couple to enjoy. My husband and I both had a great time playing this game and working together to defeat the evil villains that we have seen in all of our favorite Disney movies.

In this game, you will get to choose to take on the role of one of the 5 Disney Sidekicks. You work together with your teammates to rescue the Heroes and defeat the Villains. There are 12 beautifully detailed sculpted figures that every Disney fan will love. The Villains have lots of tricks that they will use against you so you must work as a team to defeat them which takes strategy, cooperation and maybe just a bit of pixie dust to save the Heroes. The game comes with very clear and detailed instructions that will help you get started right away. It’s perfect for 2 to 4 players, ages 8+ and the game takes about 40 minutes to complete.

Spin Masters games are perfect for the whole family and for any family game night. They have everything from interactive board games, trivia games, card games, classic games like chess and checkers, jigsaw puzzles and more. Their game options are endless for families, kids and adults. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Amazon and purchase Disney Sidekicks by Spin Masters today and get yourself one of their many games. You will not be disappointed.

7 thoughts on “Disney Sidekicks By Spin Masters”

  1. Great spin for off game for Sidekicks getting the spotlight. It is worth a try since we’re spending more time at home now. Playing board games can be our bonding activity too.

  2. With the weather getting colder and kids being more at home with us, I see how board games can be something great to do at home! Thank you 🙂

  3. Ohhhh my gosh my husband always asks what i want for my birthday or christmas (5 days apart) and i never have anything to tell him, but finally, THIS, this is it!! Thank you! We are such huge disney fans, this looks great!

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